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Generator, Precor AMT/Climber, Refurbished/Exchange*`

32.00 LBS


AMT10, Base, HCOM (serial code AADR, AMYX)
AMT10-825 (serial code AADR + A833) Blank Cap
AMT10-825 (serial code AADR + AAFY) 915 MHZ
AMT10-825 (serial code AADR + AB87 + AAEY) W/O Cap + PVS
AMT10-825 (serial code AADR + AB87) W/O Cap
AMT10-835 (serial code AADR + A854) Blank Cap
AMT10-835 (serial code AADR + AYZR + AAEY) W/O Cap + PVS
AMT10-835 (serial code AADR + AYZR) W/O Cap
AMT10-835 (serial code AADR + AYZT) 915 MHZ
AMT10-885 (serial code AADR + (ATTE, AMYT)
AMT10-HCOM, ASMB (serial code AMYX)
C100i (serial code A927, AA94, AACY)
C776i (serial code A886, AADT, AB35)
C776i Stairclimber (serial code AABY, ADEZ, AEWZ)
C776i Stairclimber (serial codes AMRJ, AJLJ, ATPW)
CLM 825 (serial code AB34 + AJPL)
CLM 835 (serial code AB34 + AB67)
CLM 835 (serial code AB34 + ATTW + AAEY) W/O Cap + PVS
CLM 835 (serial code AB34 + ATTW) W/O Cap
CLM10, BASE, (8X5) (serial code AB34, AMYY)
CLM10, HCOM,ASMB (serial code AMYY)

Refurbished/Exchange Policy

When you see the term "Refurbished/Exchange" as part of an item description, this indicates we are offering a thoroughly reconditioned replacement part on an exchange basis. The majority of items in our ELECTRONICS and REBUILDS AND REFURBS sections fall into the "Refurbished/Exchange" category.

When you order an exchange part from Glide, we will ship you a fully reconditioned part with a 90-day limited warranty. This warranty does not cover failure of parts due to outside circumstances such as power surges and associated parts that are either substandard or non-functional. For example, we know from experience that if a motor controller fails, more often than not there are extraneous factors (other than the MCB) that caused the problem in the first place (treadmills not on a dedicated circuit, poor belt/deck condition due to lack of lubrication, and the like).

Prior to shipment of the exchange part, we will request a signature on the original Sales Order to signify your acceptance of the terms of exchange - that is, if we don't receive your non-working part (core), you will be billed for the core you did not return. The core-charge amount varies depending on the part being exchanged. This will be spelled out in full on the document you will be asked to sign.

Upon receipt of your reconditioned part, carefully package and return your core using the pre-paid shipping label that comes with the refurbished item(s) to complete the exchange. Please call Glide Sales at (714) 862-2307 if you have any questions about your transaction.


One of Glide's greatest strengths is the ability to fix what's broken! If you have motors, upper/lower electronics, actuators, brake generators, rollers or weldments that are broken, give us a call at 866-637-4600 so we can discuss your situation and assign a repair number for the transaction. IMPORTANT: Write your repair number on the box, and ship your broken part to:

Glide Fitness Products
1609 E. McFadden Avenue, Suite F
Santa Ana, CA 92705

Once the repair has been completed, we'll notify you that your repaired part has shipped and provide tracking information.