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  • Bottom Bracket Tool for Kaiser Spinners
    Bottom Bracket Tool for Kaiser Spinners
    DESCRIPTION - Another Glide exclusive! After taking on a job for a major client to renovate their Kaiser spin bikes, we realized how tough it was (and how long it was going to take) to install all the bottom bracketss. This...
  • Freewheel Tool
    Freewheel Tool
    DESCRIPTION - Tool for removal and installation of freewheel gears.
  • Bottom Bracket Tool, 3/8"
    Bottom Bracket Tool, 3/8"
    DESCRIPTION - Commonly Used On: RevMaster Classic IC Elite Pre 2004 (Johnny G) IC Pro Pre 2004 (Johnny G)
  • Wrench, Pedal, 15mm, Heavy Duty
    Wrench, Pedal, 15mm, Heavy Duty
    DESCRIPTION - Heavy-Duty Pedal Wrench, 15mm
  • Chain Link Tool
    Chain Link Tool
    DESCRIPTION - Shop quality tool designed for removing, installing, and repairing any bicycle derailleur chain. Built to last Comfortable handle investment cast steel body Replaceable driving pin Tight link loosening...
  • Wrench, Crank Nut/Pedal, 15/32mm
    Wrench, Crank Nut/Pedal, 15/32mm
    DESCRIPTION - Many applications including: IC Elite Post 2004 - 2007 Black Frame IC Elite Pre 2004 IC Elite Pre 2004 (Johnny G) IC Evolution 2005-Up IC Pro Post 2004 - 2007 Black Frame IC Pro Pre 2004 (Johnny...
  • Wrench, Head/Crank, 32/36mm
    Wrench, Head/Crank, 32/36mm
    DESCRIPTION - 32mm and 36mm Head Wrench
  • Crank Puller, Compact
    Crank Puller, Compact
    DESCRIPTION - TL002053 is a compact crank puller that can be used to remove most square taper cranks, as well as splined Octalink and ISIS drive cranks.
  • Pocket Thermometer, Non-Contact
    Pocket Thermometer, Non-Contact
    DESCRIPTION - This is a must-have device for quickly determining hot spots on your treadmills (think belt/deck heat). Small enough to fit in your pocket, the thermometer takes instant readings in Fahrenheit or Celsius, and...
  • Metal Bracket Protector for Lifecycles
    Metal Bracket Protector for Lifecycles
    DESCRIPTION - Look! Up where the shroud meets the seat extrusion! Is it a tool? Is it a part? No, it's ourÂ… Super Shroud Saver!!! This Glide exclusive is precision machined to fit your Lifecycle Dovetail and Next Gen...
  • Plastic Fusion
    Plastic Fusion
    DESCRIPTION - This acrylic based industrial strength product dispenses resin and hardener automatically into equal parts with one push. It's remarkable for fixing broken shrouds and other hard plastic components. Cures to...
  • Mini Digital Clamp Meter
    Mini Digital Clamp Meter
    DESCRIPTION - Functions include: AC Current, DC Voltage, Audible Continuity Alert, Diode Test, Resistance Test, Automatic Polarity Low battery indicator, overload protection Data hold Includes two 36" leads Requires three...
  • Seater, Commutator Stone
    Seater, Commutator Stone
    WHEN USED - This is Step #2 (after using the cleaner) when replacing your motor brushes. As the armature wears down, the O.D. changes. Since the new brushes are designed to fit the factory O.D., using the seater helps fill...
  • Cleaner, Commutator Stone
    Cleaner, Commutator Stone
    WHEN USED - This is Step #1 when replacing your motor brushes, and first aid when your armature is turning black. Those black markings (carbon build up) on the commutator act as an insulator and can cause increased amp...